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Events – participate or spread the word

  • 04.10.2012, Anonymous protest, Rochdale Town Centre, 17a Baillie Street OL16 1JA Rochdale, 09:00 – 16:00. Facebook event. Protest to be held for the Crimes against the innocent children, Who have been let down massively by the system!! A call for Rochdale council to resign from the jobs on the board, and to inform the Public of what their Local council has covered up and allowed what happened to go ON!
  • 06.10.2012, Belfast, City Hall, 13:00, Be involved in parallel demonstration (Slovakia, Czech republic, Ireland and more ,,..) Facebook page, David Kakoni – organizer
  • 10.10.2012. Be  involved in referendum in Ireland!, Web pages, Full text of the referendum – Thirty-First Amendment of the Constitution.
    Irish Times – Wording of children’s rights referendum is published – The Government today published the wording of the children’s rights amendment to the Constitution.

Other activities – participate or spread the word

Past events

  • UK End Child Abuse March and Rally 2012
    Public event ·29. september.2012, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.Trafalgare Square, London
    The UK End Child Abuse Rally (formerly the UK Rally Against Child Abuse) is an opportunity for victims, survivors, families, supporters, support organisations and campaigners to come together and unite for the cause to end child abuse.
    There will be speakers raising awareness of the appalling state of the UK SS system, raising questions such as who protects children in care?
    YouTube video from the event.

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