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Slovenské stránky

  • Centrum pre medzinárodnoprávnu ochranu detí a mládeže – poskytuje bezplatnú právnu pomoc fyzickým osobám. Ako orgán štátnej správy s pôsobnosťou na území Slovenskej republiky zabezpečuje priamy výkon medzinárodných dohovorov a právnych aktov Európskej únie, ktoré vymedzujú ťažiskové úlohy Centra, a to v troch základných oblastiach:
    • vymáhanie výživného z cudziny
    • neoprávnené premiestnenia alebo neoprávnené zadržiavania dieťaťa vrátene zabezpečenia práva styku rodiča s dieťaťom
    • medzištátne osvojenia
  • Dohovor o právach dieťaťa – plné znenie, Dohovor o právach dieťaťa prijalo Valné zhromaždenie Spojených národov 20. novembra 1989.

English usefull links

  • John Hemming MP – Member of British Parliament, believes in urgent need for  reform is that relating to “Public Family Law”. Contact him if you are in trouble!
  • Forced adoptions – very usefull pages of Ian Josephs M.A. helping families whose children was taken by Social Service
  • Justice for Families – Public Family Law Reform Coordinating Campaign. It is chaired by John Hemming MP and has been set up to support families who have suffered at the hands of a system that is urgently in need of reform. It campaigns for a just system of Public Family Law where the right decisions are taken through due process and with proper evidence.
  • Parents Against Injustice – We are a voluntary organisation, run and funded by volunteers who are here to provide help and support to families caught in the care system. We try and assist where possible and make no judgments to your situation. All contact is totally confidential and kept within the organisation.
  • Stop Forced Adoptions– Mrs Julie Haines in coordination with Mr John Hemming is launching under the banner of Justice For Families, a National Awareness Week “Stop Forced Adoption – it may be you” . This is to be launched on the Saturday the week beginning 8th December 2012 and to carry on throughout the week till Saturday the 15th December 2012. On the last day we are hoping to hold fun events for the whole family. The conference will be held in Birmingham with an influential line up of guest speakers and we hope to attract intensive media coverage. Please tell everyone about this event as the more that are unaware of what is going that we can help enlighten,it would benefit all who suffer this terrible crime. Please join in on our events and bring your friends and neighbours along. Tell everyone you know. We hope to make this an annul event and we need your help to make that happen. Awareness breaks the secrecy!
  • Children Stolen by the State & Forcefully Adopted– On this page will be the Photo’s and Video’s from parents that have had their Children Stolen and Forcefully Adopted by the State.
  • GLOBAL FAMILIES OBJECT TO UN POLICIES – On September 28 and 29th (London) protests in the USA, European Union, Canada and parts of Africa will participate in the first ever global objection to UN policies on the family that is tearing apart parents from their children and grandparents from their lineage in all UN based countries.
  • Secret World of Child Protection – This site is part of a campaign to shine light on the secret system of UK Child Protection. It is for families, children’s charities, health and social care professionals, policy makers, councillors, MPs and all those who can open up debate and bring about social and legislative change.
  • Give Children Information Packs Regarding Their Rights in the Care System (Facebook group)- This page is for people who agree that CHILD(REN) in the CARE SYSTEM should have Information Packs regarding their RIGHTS and their HUMAN RIGHTS because we all know children in the CARE SYSTEM do not know their RIGHTS because we all know the SOCIAL WORKER or their KEY WORKER or FOSTER CARES DO NOT tell the CHILD(REN) their RIGHTS
  • “Finding your Family” (closed Facebook group) – We Admin from Finding your Family would like to welcome every single person to this group.  If you know ppl who are missing their family, Whether your relationship has been lost through fostering, adoption or if you have just lost touch with a loving parent and you want to be reunited then please add them and maybe one day you will find them. You too can leave details so that they can seek and find you. I got the idea for the group’s name from my friend’s kids who told me what they would look for if they were to look for their relatives and they said “Finding Your Family’ so i have called the group this. I hope you do find your family that you are searching for with this group and if you do let the group know also there is information in docs that mite help you. This Group is not just about “finding your family” but to help others with social service.
  • Be my parent – We are a family-finding service for children in the UK who need an adoptive or permanent foster family.

Useful Organisations

  • The only charity that advises families whose children are involved with social services
  • A source of information and support for families
  • Confidential non judgemental support for pregnant mothers, afraid to seek help elsewhere
  • Supporting families and children together
  • Support for those unrepresented in Family Courts